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Adult Training

All adults involved in Scouting and involved with either a uniformed role or serving on Group or District Executive roles will need to undergo training. The level of training required depends on the appointment and is modular based.

We need your help in making Scotland more compliant, in terms of our Safety and Safeguarding rules. Young people's safety must be our primary concern, at all times, but a significant number of our adults are not completing Module 1/Module 1E or Safety/Safeguarding ongoing learning, within the prescribed times. It's really important that everyone is up to date with this training. If there is likely to be any delay in being able to attend a course, then use the online training. And of course, please ensure it is marked up on Compass!

If you go onto the Scouts Scotland site then select 'members', 'training' button. There is a selection of the main training resources and under 'Useful Contacts' a link to 'Scouts UK Training'. The "Leaders' training guide" and the "Personal learning plan" are the main documents to download for planning your training.

This link takes you onto the main UK Scout Training Page where all the resources are located. Down the left hand side under '>Training' are the resources for 'Learners'. Select that and on the next page near the bottom is 'Resources for Learners'. This will show all the online resources for all the modules. Initially you will need modules 1 and 3, 2 is the personal plan that you can print off and complete with all the modules required. There are two module 1s. One is for Executive Committee Members, the other for uniformed leaders.

Under each module will be information on how to learn and what is required to validate the modue; E-Learning is the route to the online resource follow the initial 'how to' links.

Sounds complicted, but fairly easy to navigate. To assist, links are provided for Modules 1/1E and the Safety and Safeguarding courses.

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