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This is an annual camping competition, that takes place around in May each year for a trophy as the name suggests that is a carved wooden totem pole about 16 inches high. The entries are for a patrol of six scouts, and to avoid troops entering their best scouts, has an total age limit that must not be exceeded. The winning patrol represents Rosyth District at the Regional Finals which is usually held in June.

The competition takes place over a week-end, starting on Saturday morning and ending mid afternoon on the Sunday. It judges the ability of scouts in their camping standards including the preparation and cooking of meals on open fires.

The competition is organised by the ADC(S), and is judged by representatives of each troop and other personnel invited by the ADC(S).

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Competition Details

  1. The names, address and home contact forms are to be brought and handed to the Judges at the start of the competition; this is to include the ages. An emergency contact number must be provided.

  2. Teams will be responsible for all their equipment and food for the duration of the competition.

  3. The cost per team entered is to cover site fees and is to be paid at the start of the competition.

  4. The Rosyth District Executive will cover all reasonable expenses in running the competition, but not for any expense incurred by competing teams.

  5. All food is to be brought fresh but some tins or pre-prepared foods are permitted although marks for difficulty and preparation will be reduced. Some common sense must be used here, however, if there is any doubt contact the organiser (ADC Scouts) for advice prior to the event.

  6. No pre-prepared gadgets are allowed, other than food preparation surfaces, i.e. table/box etc. Only 1 table for prep work will be allowed.

  7. Cooking will be using on wood or charcoal on alter fires. However the use of one stove is permitted on non-competition meals. (i.e. Saturday supper)

  8. Scouts must be dressed in correct uniform at the beginning and end of the competition. Any further instructions regarding the wearing of uniform may be issued during the competition.

  9. Reference books, training aids and mobile phones are not allowed on the patrol sites. Any such items found will be confiscated and patrols possible penalised. Mobile phones, if required for after the competition, must be left with the examiners prior to the start of the competition.

  10. Amendments to these rules may be made at the examiners discretion and whose decision is final.

  11. The rules of Fordell Firs will be adhered to at all time.

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As many tastes differ, and to accommodate dietary requirements, the choice of menu is up to the Patrols, but all meals must be prepared on site. Fresh ingredients, unless otherwise stated, will attract more points than tinned vegetables, as they will not gain extra points for preparation. Cook what you will eat.

The menu must be provided to the examiners at the start of the competition.

Saturday Lunch

Lunch to be prepared by each patrol. A hot element is required. Points will be awarded for preparation and initiative.

Saturday Evening Meal

(to be cooked on wood)
A 3 Course meal to include 2 hot courses (i.e. Main course + starter or dessert)

Saturday Supper

(stoves may be used if you wish)

Sunday Breakfast

(To be cooked on wood. Ingredients provided by leader team)

Sunday Lunch


A small amount of snacks/biscuits should be available at anytime with hot or cold drinks, and drinks must be available at at all meals. (They can be cold unless otherwise stated.)

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Equipment that should be brought by each Patrol

In addition to the normal weekend camp kit and gear and menu items, each Scout should bring paper and pen/pencil and Patrols should bring a supply of sisal.

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Guide to Standards Expected (advice)

Patrol Tent(s) - All guys should be in line with tent seams and correctly tightened. Main guys on ridge tents should be storm-lashed. All pegs should be in line and at the correct angle. The walls and doors should be wet or dry brailled according to the weather. The ground-sheet should be folded back if applicable, with all personal gear on it tidily arranged.

Store Tent - Guys and pegs as above. All food will be hygienically stored in an orderly and readily accessible manner. Non food items should be stored where it cannot come into contact with food items. Equipment must be sharp, safe and clean as appropriate and sensible stored.

Personal - Should be clean and dressed suitably for the conditions of weather or activity. They should be of cheery disposition. Uniforms, if worn, should be correct, neat and tidy.

Personal Kit - If weather permits, kit layout should be on a groundsheet outside the sleeping tent(s). If instructed, due to bad weather, a restricted form of layout will be done inside the tent(s). The kit inspection will be of all personal kit, uniforms may be hung up or folded. The rest of the kit should be laid out on a groundsheet in a neat manner. Nothing should be packed away. Judging will mostly be for tidiness and cleanliness. Soiled clothes should be placed in a suitable polythene bag. Wet items should if possible be hanging up to dry. Sleeping bags should be hung out to air in the morning and towels hung up to dry.

Site Layout - Orientation of all tents etc in relation to the weather and convenience. Position and construction of the cooking area. Position and construction of waste disposal. Boundary lines / fences. Although toilet tents are not necessary because of the site facilities, patrols may be asked where they may be located.

Alter Fire / Wood Pile - Secure, stable and a safe height for the alter fire. Wood pile, with a designated chopping / sawing area clear of wood chips. Ready wood supply. Dry kindling (covered).

Utensils - Personal and cooking utensils should be washed, dried and correctly stored in a hygienic and orderly manner.

Gadgets - Will be judged on their technical merit, usefulness and effectiveness of construction.

Water - All water containers should always be kept with a practical level of water in them and be readily available for use.

Meals - The food should be correctly prepared and properly cooked. Presentation is important as is the edibility of the end product. Timing is also important along with a good standard of hygiene throughout. Bonus marks may be awarded for a more adventurous menu and degree of difficulty of preparation. All meals will be inspected and must be prepared on site and not include partly or wholly pre-prepared items.

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