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The Annual Sports Meeting, is a competition for Beaver Scouts, Cubs Scouts, Scouts, and Explorer Scouts, with each section competing for a trophy; the "Beaver Sports Trophy", the "Clouston Cup" for Cubs, the "Andrew Wilson Memorial Trophy" for Scouts, and the "Explorer Scout Sports Shield". Additionally the "Millar Shield" is presented to the Group with the highest total score of Beaver, Cub and Scout events only.

From 2012, the Explorer Scout competition changed to an individual Heptathlon event featuring seven single events. No team events i.e. tug-of-war, relay events etc. will be held. All Explorer Scout participants will enter all the events to accumulate points. The top three point earners at the end of the heptathlon will win a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal (in chocolate). Average scores were also calculated to determine the winning Unit Trophy. Heats will be run when there are more than six participants.

The Annual Sports Meeting is held at the Pitreavie Sports Stadium, starting at 11:00. with field events for the Cub, Scout and Explorer sections. The Beaver Sport events start at 12:00 p.m. finishing at 13:00 with the presentation of the Beaver Trophy. After a short break for lunch, Cub, Scout and Explorer Scout events re-commence at 13:30 finishing with the trophy presentation.

The convenor and committee will organise the competition under the auspices of Rosyth District Scout Council, and will require the assistance of other co-opted persons, as required. Most of that assistance will be on the day of the competition, to help with marshalling, and all the activities involved in running a sucessful sports event.

If you can offer help, please contact the sports committee or Barrie Wilson, the District Commissioner. Running the sports events require more assistance than that of the other events in the Scouting calander. Although the "Inch" District Active Support Unit provide much of the assistance on the day, some additional help will be required.

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  1. There are no restrictions on the number of events which a Cub, Scout or Explorer Scout may enter. However, the programme will be run briskly, and no delays will be allowed to permit a competitor to rest between events. It is the responsibility of competitors to be in the marshalling area in time for each event. Leaders are asked to ensure that competitors are properly prepared in plenty time.

  2. Age limits - Ages are calculated on the day of the Sports. Under 12 means any member who has not reached his or her 12th birthday on the day of the Sports, etc. Open events are open to any member of the section. Members who are not invested may compete for their sections. Leaders are reminded that age ranges are:-

    Beavers 6 - 8;     Cubs 8 - 10½;     Scouts 10½ - 14;     Explorer Scouts 14 - 18.

    Members may only enter events for the section to which they belong. A Cub may not enter Scout events, and similarly a Scout may not enter Explorer events. If a Cub has gone up to the Troop before the Sports he or she cannot be entered for Cub events, and similarly a Scout who has moved up to the Explorer Scouts may not enter Scout events.

    The age of competitors may be checked after an event. Any entrant found to be too old will be disqualified.

  3. Points:-

    The beaten semi-finalists in the tug-of-war will both gain 1 point.

    In the event of a dead heat for first place, both competitors / teams will gain 3 points and the third place 1 point. If there is a dead heat for second place, both competitors / teams will gain 2 points and no third place will be awarded.

  4. Footwear. Spikes may be worn for all track events, and for the long jump, high jump and cricket-ball, but for no other events. Heavy boots must not be worn in the tug-of-war.

  5. In the event of bad weather, the Sports Committee and the Groundsman will decide whether the Sports should be cancelled or abandoned.

  6. Any breach of the rules will result in points being lost in the event concerned and placings adjusted accordingly.

  7. The Group Trophy will be won by the Group gaining most points from Beaver, Cub and Scout events. In the case of the 48th Fife, Donibristle Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, will count as one Group. St Bridgets Beavers and Cubs with St Davids Scouts will compete as another Group.

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Details of Entry Regulations

  1. Only one entry is allowed per section except for the mini-marathons (which are open to all who wish to take part).

  2. High Jump - A maximum of three attemps is allowed at any one height.

  3. Long Jump - Three jumps per competitor, the longest jump to count.

  4. Cricket-Ball and Shot Putt - Three throws per competitor, the furthest to count.

  5. Tug-of-War -
    Group Event - A team of 6 per Group, 3 Cubs (any age), 1 Scout (under 12), 2 Scouts (Open).

  6. 4 x 50 metres - This will be run round the last 200 metres of the track.

  7. Group Relay -This will be run round the track with three Scouts running 100 metres each and two Cubs sharing the last 100 metres. Teams will run in the following order:-
    1 Scout (Open), 1 Scout (Open), 1 Scout (under 12), 1 Cub (Open), 1 Cub (under 9½).
    (Note for safety reasons this order of running must be observed)

  8. Mini-Marathons - These are fun events which are open to all members in the appropriate section. No points will be awarded for events.

  9. Novelty Events - Leaders are asked to encourage maximum participation in the Sports by giving members who are not good athletes, the opportunity to take part in the novelty events such as the wheelbarrow, sack, egg and spoon and three leg races.

  10. Schedule for Field Events -

    No competitor will be able to take part in two events in the same round. Timings will be flexible enough to allow competitors to take part in events in different rounds.

Please have all competitors in the marshalling area one event before the event in which they are taking part.

All trophies should be returned by holders on the day of the Sports to enable them to be presented to this year's winners. Please hand them in to the Recorder's Office on arrival.

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Programme of Beaver Events

Beaver Events
EventNum of BeaversEvent Name
1 BeaverFlat Race 1
21 BeaverWellie Throwing²
32 Beavers3 Legged Race
1 BeaverFlat Race 2
51 BeaverEgg & Spoon Race
1 BeaverFlat Race 3
71 BeaverSkipping Race
1 BeaverFlat Race 4
91 BeaverLong Jump²
104 BeaversRelay Race
111 BeaverSack Race
*All BeaversTug Of War
*All BeaverMini Marathon


Equipment to Bring

The Beaver Trophy will be presented to the winners as soon as possible after the Beaver events.

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Programme of Cub / Scout / Explorer Events

1CubsLong Jump (Open)
2CubsHigh Jump (Open)
3CubsCricket Ball (Open)
4ScoutsLong Jump (Open)
5ScoutsHigh Jump (Open)
6ScoutsCricket Ball (Under 12)
7ScoutsShot Putt (Open)
8ExplorersLong Jump (Open)
9ExplorersShot Putt (Open)
10ExplorersHigh Jump (Open)

11Scouts100 metres (Under 12) Heats
12Scouts100 metres (Open) Heats
13Cubs60 metres (Under 9½) Heats
14Cubs60 metres (Open) Heats
15Explorers100 metres Heats
16Scouts100 metres (Under 12) Final of event 11
17Scouts100 metres (Open) Final of event 12
18Cubs60 metres (Under 9½) Final of event 13
19Cubs60 metres (Open) Final of event 14
20Explorers100 metres Final of event 15
21CubsSack Race (Under 9½)
22CubsSack Race (Open)
23ExplorersSack Race Heats
24ScoutsSack Race (Open)
25ExplorersSack Race Final of event 23
26Scouts200 metres (Under 12) Heats
27Scouts200 metres (Open) Heats
28Explorer200 metres Heats
29GroupTug-of-War Heats
30Scouts200 metres (Under 12) Final of Event 26
31Scouts200 metres (Open) Final of Event 27
32Explorers200 metres Final of event 28
33Cubs3 Legged Race (Under 9½)
34Cubs3 Legged Race (Open)
35Scouts3 Legged Race (Open)
36CubsWheelbarrow Race (Under 9½)
37CubsWheelbarrow Race (Open)
38ScoutsWheelbarrow Race (Open)
39Scouts400 metres (Open) Heats
40Cubs4x50 metres (Open) Heats
41Group3x100 & 2x50 metres Relay Heats
42Scouts4x100 metres (2x Under 12 & 2x Open) Heats
43Cubs4x50 metres (Open) Final event 40
44Scouts4x100 metres (2x Under 12 & 2x Open) Final event 42
45ExplorersEgg and Spoon Race (Open) Heats
46CubsEgg and Spoon Race (Under 9½)
47CubsEgg and Spoon Race (Open)
48ScoutsEgg and Spoon Race (Open)
49ExplorersEgg and Spoon Race (Open) Final of event 45
50Scouts400 metres (Open) Final heat 39
51Group3x100 & 2x50 metres Relay Final event 41
52GroupTug-of-War Final
53CubsMini Marathon
54ScoutsMini Marathon

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