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The Quaich

The Quaich was presented to Inch Scout Active Support Unit in March 2013 by Graham Haddock Chief Commissioner for Scotland. The Inch Active Support unit have been involved with the collating and packing of the Scottish Scout News and latterly the Pathfinder over a 19 year period. In presenting the award to the members of the Inch, Graham Haddock hoped that the Quaich would be used as an award within Rosyth District.

Award Designation

At the District Executive meetings held on the 15 May and 18 September 2013, the award designation and criteria for the Quaich were discussed. This paper encapsulates the discussions from these meetings.

It was agreed that the Award be given to the person or group of people in recognition of 'Good service within Rosyth District'. Nominations for the Award can be put forward by any Scout Group within the District or the one or more of the Executive Committee. Information required for a nomination should include the nominee(s) name, period of time over which the 'Good Service' has been carried out and a description of the 'Good Service'. The nominee may be a youth or adult member of the Scout Association within Rosyth District.

Nomination for the Award

Nominations for the Award must reach the Secretary of Rosyth District Executive Committee before the May Rosyth District Executive Committee, so that the Award may be made at the Rosyth District Scout Council Annual General meeting which is normally held in September of that year. The Award will be made for a 12 month period, at the end of this period the Trophy will be returned to be available for the following year. In the event of there being more than one nomination, a selection process will be carried out by the members of Rosyth District Executive Committee during the May meeting. The successful nominee will be decided by a small sub-committee of the District Executive.

Previous Recipients

2014 - Eric Ross, 48th Fife
2015 - Martin Rogers, 13th Fife
2016 - Peter Merckel, 48th Fife
2017 - Elaine Pert, 48th Fife
2018 - Mark Wells, 46th Fife
2019 - Claire Fernie, 77th Fife
2020 - Cath Cusator, Badge Secretary
2021 - Terry O'Neill, DC
2022 - Stuart Pearson, GSL 66th Fife

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