Rosyth District Scout Council

A Short History

Rosyth District was one of 9 Scouting Districts in Fife, with Benarty, Cupar, Dunfermline, East Neuk, Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy, St Andrew's and Wemyss & Leven.

Prior to 1952, Scout Groups in Rosyth, Inverkeithing and North Queensferry, were part of Dunfermline District, but in that year, a new "Inverkeithing District" was formed, comprising of eight Groups, five in Rosyth, two in Inverkeithing and one in North Queensferry.

This District boundary was extended in 1964 to include Aberdour and in 1966 the name of the District was changed to "Rosyth District", but now with only four Groups in Rosyth (1 Sea Scout Group), one in Inverkeithing and one in Aberdour. The group in North Queensferry had been disolved, but a new vibrant group in Dalgety Bay, one of the "New Towns" had started, to accomodate the growing number of new residents moving into "Beautiful homes beside the Forth". This group grew to have three Beaver, Cub and Scout sections, but lack of adult help has closed a Beaver, Cub and Scout section. Falling numbers by 2005 led to three other Groups closing, two of the Rosyth groups, the 49th (Sea Scout) Group that met in HMS Scotia, and the 66th that met in the St John's Church hall at the Crossroads.

Late in 2005, Scottish Headquarters proposed a reorganisation of all current Scout Areas, which largely followed local authority boundaries, into larger Regions, each containing roughly ther same number of Scouts. This process was to cascade down into the Districts, and after discussions, Rosyth District would remain, but take in part of Benarty, including the towns of Crossgates, Cowdenbeath and Kelty, with the remaining towns moving into Kirkcaldy. Cupar, East Neuk and St Andrew's became North East Fife, Glenrothes and Wemyss & Leven became Glenrothes & Levenmouth with Dunfermline remaining unchanged, forming five Districts within Fife.

The 26th, one of the Cowdenbeath Groups unfortunately has closed. However, the 77th (Kelty) Group had not been functioning for two years, but with active assistance the District was sucessful in restarting the Group after appealing for response for adult help from the local community.

Today there are still the seven groups in the District, with Dalgety Bay having two Beaver Colonies, Cub packs and Troops, meeting on different nights of the week. New Leaders are seen as the biggest challenge as most Groups are short of adult help, but have waiting lists especially for the younger sections. Getting new leaders is the biggest challenge to be faced.

Supporting the District is the District Scout Council, the "Inch Scout Active Support" and the former BP Guild attached to the 41st (Rosyth) Group, now known as the "41st Group Active Support".

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