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This page details the equipment owned by the District, and where it is stored. This equipment is available for use by any District personell. The District have a small store at Fordell Firs, where some of the equipment is stored.

Equipment List

Description Quantity Date Location
Marquee 30 x 20 1 1990 Fordell Firs
Mess Tent 27 x 9 1 1990 Fordell Firs
Steel Pins 40 c1990 Fordell Firs
Wooden Pegs 30 c1990 Fordell Firs
Steel Mauls 2 c1990 Fordell Firs
Catering Urn, Burco Dean 1 1992 Fordell Firs
Gas Burners, Double Ring 2 1995 Fordell Firs
Steel Box, for Gas Burners 1 c1992 Fordell Firs
Gas Bottle, 11 Kg 2 1994 Fordell Firs
Starter Gun, and Shot 1 1996 Kevin Lloyd
Buion Mather Trophy 1 1988 QM ?
ResuciAnne, Little Annie 2 1997 Gordon Stevenson
ResuciAnne, Family
(1 each Adult, Junior & Baby)
1 2016 Gordon Stevenson
Defibrillator Training Unit 1 2016 Gordon Stevenson
Candle Holders, Peace Light 8 2001 Peter Merckel
Licence Free Radios 8 2002 Peter Merckel

To use any of this equipment, contact the holder. For equipment in the District Store at Fordell, contact Peter Merckel.

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