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The Beaver Challenge for the "Anne Weatherstone Cup", is an annual competition for Beaver Colonies, based on indoor challenges set by each Beaver Colony. The ADC(BS), will organise the challenge, and may require the assistance of one (1) leader from each troop on the evening. In the absence of an ADC(BS) the DC will make alternative arrangements.

Rules are very basic

2012 Report

On a crisp winters day at Fordell Firs the Rosyth beaver challenge took place in the wet weather hall. The beavers all arrived on time and eager to compete for the Anne Weatherstone cup.

Gary Dewar ADC Beavers for Rosyth welcomed everybody introduced the challenges for the day, with the help of the colony leaders. Then with a first whistle blow the beavers leaped into action and were loud and industrious. To explain the competition, the beavers all travel clockwise round the hall in their colonies and compete in challenges that the other colonies have brought along. The teams of eight competed in seven challenges, with each timed at ten minutes, which ranged from thinking games to the tricky double skis.

There were some Explorers that had come along to help with their colonies and to help run a base, which was much appreciated by the leaders and Gary.

With the competition in its middle stages Gary blew his whistle and the beavers stopped for a much needed drinks break. With another blow of the whistle we were back in action and the very noisy competition started again in earnest. The beavers all were trying their very best right up to the blow of the final whistle.

The beavers all gathered round until Barrie the DC counted up the scores. Gary told the beavers that the effort that they put into was well done so the each received a Well Done fun badge for their campfire blanket.

With eager anticipation Barrie came over with the scores and read them out and with the two Rosyth colonies in second and third the winners were the 48th St.Bridgets colony. Congratulations they were keeping the Anne Weatherstone cup for another year.

The beavers shouted well done and gave the winning colony a round of applause. So with this noise the beavers went home loud and happy as usual.

Previous Winners

2011 - 48th St Bridgets

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