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The Rosyth District Youth Advisory Group has asked us to introduce a NEW District Archery Competition.

The archery competition is open and available to all youth members and can be entered remotely with no requirement to bring multiple sections together although this is not precluded.

The archery competition will run from 1st April to 30th September each year.

Each participating section must adhere to a set of guidelines covering type of target, shooting distance, type of bow and arrows to ensure consistency.

Rules and Guidelines

You may use:

Where the archery competition is undertaken as a single section, an independent verifier must be present. This can be a Scouter from any other Scout Group or Unit. This does not apply where two or more sections undertake the competition together as each section can verify the other(s).

Each participating section must shoot 45 arrows (averaging 15 young people / 3 arrows each). Where you have more or less participants, adjust the number of arrows per young person to reach total of 45 arrows.

You may take unlimited practice shots; however an agreed start to competitive shots must be declared and first 45 arrows after this start must be counted and submitted. This should be verified.

We will use a simple scoring system:

The total score after 45 arrows should be submitted to the District as soon as possible but certainly no later than 30th September at which point, all submissions will be ranked to identify a winning Colony, Pack, Troop and Unit. The person acting as independent verifier should be identified.

Scout Network Members will compete as individuals and therefore should shoot 15 competitive arrows. All other rules about equipment, distance, practice and verification still apply.

Rankings will also be used towards a NEW Inter Scout Group/ Unit Competition. Details of this will be provided separately.

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