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Five-A-Side Football Competition



  1. Referees decisions are final.

  2. Teams of five (5) with two (2) substitutes that can be used at any time. If a section does not have a team of 5, they can compete with a team of four (4).

  3. Players in a team must be invested members of the section for which they play or undergoing preparation for investiture.

  4. The age groups must be appropriate to the Sectional ages as laid down in P.O.R.s (Policy, Organisation and Rules).

  5. If the goal keeper leaves the "D", it will result in a penalty against their team.

  6. If a defender enters the "D", it will result in a penalty against their team.

  7. If an attacker puts their foot in the "D", it will result in a free kick.

  8. Passing the ball above head height will result in a free kick (at the discretion of the referee).

  9. Deliberate hand-ball will result in a penalty to the opposite team.

  10. First-aid will be provided by the District.

  11. Team colours are preferred, but not mandatory. If necessary the first named team, will wear bibs.

  12. If there are five (5) teams or less then the competition will be run on a round robin system with the top two (2) playing in a final.

  13. If there are six (6) teams or more then it will be run as two leagues with the top two from each league playing in two semi-finals then a final.

  14. Draw for the competition will be made at the competition.

  15. Each game will last 3.5 minutes each half.

  16. Points will be awarded as follows: 3 Points for a Win; 1 Point for a Draw.

  17. Goal difference will be taken into consideration if points are tied.

  18. If scores at full-time are level in the semi-finals and final, "Golden Goal" applies for 3 minutes, then 3 penalties per team, then sudden death.

Note: Due to time limits - only one team per troop may be entered.


The 5-a-side competition has not taken place for some years and the results pages from previous years has been removed from the site.

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