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10 Pin Bowling Competition



The Rosyth District Youth Advisory Group has asked us to introduce a NEW District Ten Pin Bowling Competition.

The ten pin bowling competition is open and available to all youth members and can be entered remotely with no requirement to bring multiple sections together, although this is an option.

This ten pin bowling competition will run from 1st October to 31st March each year.

Rules and Guidelines

Each participating section must adhere to a set of guidelines to ensure consistency:

A game consists of 10 frames per player, with up to two bowls per frame to knock down all 10 pins. A strike knocks all pins down with the first ball and the frame ends, with play moving to the next player. A spare knocks down all the pins with the second ball and again play moves to the next player.

The number of pins knocked down with each ball in a frame is scored against each ball. With a 'Spare', the first ball in the next frame is a bonus ball and added to the previous frame score. In a strike, the next two balls are and added to the frame score. If a strike or spare occurs in the tenth frame the bonus ball are taken immediately and added to the frame score. Therefore, the maximum possible score for a game is 10 strikes with two bonus balls of 10 each giving a maximum of 300 points.

A section may enter as many participants as wish to take part. The score that will be used for the purposes of the competition will be the total scores of all participating youth members divided by the total number of youth members participating.

If adult members are taking part, please make sure their shots are identified and scores deducted from the total before it is divided.

Where the ten pin bowling competition is undertaken as a single section, no independent verifier is required if a print out of the score (or a clear photo of the computer screen) can be provided be present.

Participants may play more than one game, however only one game can be used for the purposes of the competition. Any other games are considered practice or just for fun. The game that is for the competition must be clearly declared to the participants before they start.

The total score, number of youth member participants and evidence of score should be submitted to the District as soon as possible but certainly no later than 31st March at which point, all submissions will be ranked to identify a winning Colony, Pack, Troop and Unit.

Scout Network Members will compete as individuals and should have 10 shots. If this is alongside a section that they also volunteer with, please make sure that their score is clearly identified but also removed from the sections total score as per other adult members.

This competition is entirely optional and must be self-funded.

Discounts may be available from bowling alleys for group bookings.

Rankings will also be used towards a NEW Inter Scout Group/ Unit Competition.

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